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Micro Insights Coaching Program

Fast, Personal, Simple and Powerful
Assessment and Coaching That Brings Insight to Fit into Your Busy Life

Moving too fast to add insight into your leadership?

The Micro Insights Coaching Program is Fast, Personal, Simple and Powerful
It brings insight that fits into your busy life (at an affordable price)

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean that you can’t live with fulfillment and lead with insight.

Are you clear on the value you offer? Do you feel confident enough to position yourself for the next promotion or career change?

Your natural communication and work style pervade everything you do. Your preferences determine the type of work you enjoy and your strengths. Ironically, you may overlook your natural strengths because you do them seamlessly. We frequently hear, “Oh…I never thought of that as a skill. It’s just what I do.” Exactly. The clearer you are about strengths the more you can use them to your benefit.

Micro Insights Coaching includes a 12-question assessment that takes minutes to complete. The one-page results are easy-to-understand (not theoretical mumbo-jumbo). That one-page is a powerhouse of insight and Shelley will walk you through the practical application of your results.

Micro Insights Coaching includes: 
Communication DNA self-assessment that provides a quick, consumable, personal profile of your natural communication preferences 
60-minute coaching session with Shelley to apply your results to your specific situation.

Micro Insights Coaching is high impact and low cost. $297

“The results (of the Communications DNA Assessment) and short dialog with Shelley opened up new ways to see myself, present myself to others and position myself for future positions. The bottom line impact is greater confidence and that’s critical.” – Kristin Tufte

Most people hope for success but rarely invest in themselves to make it a reality. If you are not “most people”; are serious about your personal and professional growth; or if you want to live a more fulfilling life and lead with more insight – Shelley has done it and is here to support you. She is also an ACC certified coach through the International Coaching Federation.

Contact Shelley at shelley@shelleyrow.com or 443 994 3600

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Micro Insights Coaching Program

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