Keynotes & Workshops

Impactful. Engaging. Real-Life.

That’s what you hear from audiences who experienced Shelley’s virtual or live keynotes & workshops. Whether it’s the nuts and bolts that insightful leaders must master or skills like decision-making, teamwork and motivation, Shelley develops insightful leaders who get results.

This is not the standard material that you see in countless other leadership programs. Insightful leaders need a fresh approach that resonates with each individual because that’s who works in your organization. Shelley brings a practical, simple and powerful approach to leadership skills that combine brains and gut. Shelley calls it infotuition®.

Shelley’s science-based approach provides credibility and opens up new ways of thinking about leadership. Plus, each program is dynamic, interactive and high-energy.

Shelley's Most Requested Keynotes & Workshops (Virtual or In-Person)

Shelley partners with you to understand the needs of your audience or team and to tailor the programs to be immediately relevant and applicable. Shelley’s virtual programs are interactive and engaging. It’s almost like being there in person.

Why Shelley Row

Why Shelley?

  • Credibility

    Inc. Magazine named Shelley as one of the top 100 leadership speakers. Dynamic and impactful, Shelley is an award-winning executive who brings decades of leadership experience to you.

  • Proven Results

    Clients report increased profit, better decisions, less regrets, and more open and honest communication.

  • Shelley's a Pro

    With hundreds of presentations nationally and internationally, she is prepared and polished. There are no missed deadlines and she’ll give you everything you need for marketing when you need it. Shelley will make you look good whether your program is in person or virtual.

  • Original Leadership Research

    Shelley's content is based on original research. She personally interviewed 77 executives on complex decision-making using intuition. Plus, she has a certificate from the NeuroLeadership Institute.

  • Knowledge Retention

    Other speakers are done at the final bow. Not Shelley. She provides practical takeaways, follow-up emails and mail-back cards that reiterate the main points. Research shows that follow-up increases learning retention by 40-60%.

Top Organizations Rely on Shelley's Expertise