Why Infotuition®?

Insightful leaders see beyond the data for
astute decision-making, skillful management and
enhanced productivity

Find out how Infotuitive decision-making can help save time, reduce stress, and improve workplace dynamics.

Interviews with 77 leaders, research in neuroscience and Shelley’s own executive experience showed that insightful leadership arises from the skilled integration between cognition and intuition. But there wasn’t a word for that, so Shelley created: Infotuition®.

Whether you are making a tough decision, navigating a complex work situation that involves a variety of personalities, or questioning your own choices, you know that data is an essential ingredient, but it’s not the only ingredient.

Leaders, in our research, used this process:

  1. Collect all the data you reasonably can in the time frame available
  2. Talk with others who have differing perspectives
  3. Examine your inner voice to understand if it offers guidance or caution and why
  4. Choose the optimal path forward that makes sense and feels right

That is using your Infotuition®.

Infotuition® represents the skilled balance between brains and gut, information and intuition.  You need both to grow the bottom line and position yourself for success.

Infotuition® is not woo-woo. It’s neuroscience.

Shelley’s work applies the principles of infotuition –  grounded in neuroscience – to enhance decision-making, boost motivation and develop teamwork.

Here are the results we find from the use of Infotuition®

  • Improved productivity
  • Effective decisions with fewer regrets
  • Greater agility and ability to adapt to change
  • Enhanced teamwork and workplace relationships
  • Time savings
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased self-awareness
  • More innovation and creativity
Infotuition Case Study

Clients who used Shelley’s Infotuition® Leadership System share business results they achieved.

View the Case Study

Hear what four leaders said about using their Infotuition®:

The first couple of times you rely on your intuition, it’s very unnerving and unsettling because you’re trained as an engineer to follow the facts and as you make a couple of those decision and it turns out that it was correct, it gives you a little more courage to say, “”I need to listen to my intuition more.”

Someone would come in and say, “It needs to be signed now,” and if I signed it knowing that I still had this feeling about it, it has always come back to bite me.

If you’re going to be successful, you have to get more comfortable with making decisions with proportionately less Also, shaping that data, understanding where some of the gaps are and probing only in certain areas just to get you to that comfortable place for decision making.

(I had) a good foundation as I moved into leadership positions, to be able to understand that intuition is real and that at a certain level you’ve got to trust it. It has a place in decision making, just as rational thinking or research does or other things that may influence the decision.

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