The Insightful Leadership System

Increased Profits. Better Decisions. Less Regrets.

: Leadership Consulting & Corporate Consulting Programs

That’s what clients say about the impact of Shelley’s consulting work. Develop insightful leaders in your organization and reap the results. While Shelley’s keynotes and workshops provide value, the real impact comes over time. Because we rarely learn, retain and implement new behaviors after hearing them one time, you reach maximum return on your investment, you want to bring this work into the organization in an individual, practical and simple way. Many companies offer these services to businesses so they can concentrate on maximizing their returns and making the work day flow nicely, lead generation is a service provided that offers businesses help and management.

Shelley’s programs cover the nuts and bolts that insightful leaders must master, and the work is based on neuroscience which appeals to technical, fact-based staff. Plus, Shelley’s work with your organization can be delivered virtually and still maintain the highly interactive and engaging learning experience.

Think about it…

  • Are some staff loaded with talent but no one wants to work with them?
  • Do you see hastily-sent, sharply-worded emails that leave those on the receiving end seething?
  • Do strong personalities create upheavals that torpedo meetings so that little is accomplished?
  • Do you have staff who don’t speak up because they want to avoid conflict?
  • Do communication challenges lead to projects that take far too long?

These behaviors plummet productivity, halt growth and wreck morale.

Contact Shelley for an initial conversation to see how to bring the Insightful Leadership System into your organization. You can achieve business results like these.

Clients who used the Insightful Leadership System share the business results they achieved:

Improved Productivity: Self-management results in a more efficient allocation of time and reduces emotional reactivity.

In terms of communication, in terms of stress reduction, in terms of efficiency, better understanding and getting things done right the first time and in less time, I think there’s the value.

Actually, I’m getting more done during the work day and doing less work at home at night and on the weekend, which is cool.

Time Savings: Think of all the time wasted over-analyzing and searching for just one more piece of information.

In terms of time, it has reduced the time it takes to get something done.

Enhanced Decision-Making: All ideas are heard and aha-moments are enabled.

I would say that we have reduced the amount of time that it takes to make good decisions, so I think our agility and flexibility has improved this year as a result directly of that.

Reduced Stress: Staff are aware of and manage personal triggers more effectively so that calm conversations prevail.

Once we have an issue with conflict, you might as well count on losing about two or three days of any communication, so in terms of the company saving time, money, being more efficient and the overall discomfort factor, you can’t put a price tag on that.

Program Outcomes & Available Packages

We work with your organization to understand needs, issues and opportunities that are unique to you. Topics are tailored to your team, goals and the time span for the engagement. 3, 6 and 12-month packages are available.

Intuitive Leadership

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Focus areas can include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Understanding key traits and how to manage them for effective communication
  • Creating productive habits
  • How to stop over-thinking and make more effective, insightful decisions
  • Understanding triggers and how to moderate knee-jerk reactions
  • Developing meeting management techniques
  • Enhancing and practicing active listening skills
  • Managing personal energy to sustain leadership performance
  • Managing and self-regulating personal behaviors

The Insightful Leadership System includes a tailored combination of:

  • Full or half-day workshop(s)
  • Individual coaching with managers and leaders
  • DNA Behavior® assessment tool for individuals and teams
  • Video conference(s) between workshops
  • Email reminders for accountability

Neuroscience research shows that participants retain about 20% of what they learn in a traditional workshop. Retention soars to near 60% with follow-up activities. Videoconferences, email reminders and individual coaching reinforce personal accountability. It’s time to make the most of your professional development dollars by using neuroscience.

Increase your competitive edge by improving your workplace dynamics. Contact Shelley at (443) 994-3600 for a leadership consulting program based on your unique objectives, challenges and goals.