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Shelley’s clients report better decision-making, greater productivity, reduced stress, and improved teamwork.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Her clients can tell you about the bottom-line results they achieved. In this Case Study, clients who used Shelley’s Infotuition® program share their impressive business results.

Infotuition Case Study

Here's what clients and audiences are saying about Shelley's keynotes and workshops:

Shelley is a great motivator and she is able to inspire us to set goals and overcome the fears that allow us to talk ourselves out of doing what we dream of doing.

Madelynn Troutmann

Brain science confirms that what we think while on autopilot can limit us. AND, if we prime ourselves positively we can achieve more.

Marianne Fitzsimmons

Shelley’s presentation was awesome. Presentation was informative. She is a powerful speaker!

Merlene Campbell, American Public Power Association

Shelley is an engaging and motivating speaker. As educational leaders we especially need to hear what she has to say, considering most of us are over-thinkers.

Katy Yeargain

This presentation made me reflect on how I make decisions and provide the necessary tools to guide my decision-making for more effective and efficient leadership.

Andrea Baugh

Shelley captivated our 700 leaders with her decision-making program in a blend of research and practical application. She captivated all with her energy, interesting stories and interactive content. We learned the why and how of the science behind the information provided, and everyone, from our frontline managers to senior leaders, left with skills to enhance their decision-making every day. Any organization can benefit from working with Shelley. We look forward to our next opportunity.

John Halikowski, Director, Arizona Department of Transportation

Those of us who are highly educated are often plagued by a tendency to over-think every decision. This workshop helps us to let go of this tendency and become truly effective decision-makers.

Brandi Hamilton

Shelley provided a most provocative and informative presentation for our 1500 conference attendees.  Her ability to capture and hold the attention of an audience is certainly most notable. … Shelley has the rare ability to connect with very diverse audiences and provide cohesion in their understanding.  I would recommend her most highly for any group of professionals that needs to better understand the decision process.

Jimmy C. Stokes, EdD, Executive Director, Georgia Association of Educational Leaders

As engineers we tend to be data-driven, linear thinkers that may not recognize or value relationships appropriately. This program helped me see and understand the value and will help me to make better decisions faster.

Jim Kleingers, The Kleingers Group

Shelley knocked the ball out of the park at ACEC Ohio’s recent Annual Meeting.  She used science and her personal experience to show our members how to use her ‘Infotuition®‘ process to make better, easier decisions in both their business and personal lives. Just as important, Shelley is a polished and energetic speaker who involves her audience in her program.  She even produced a short video that we used to help promote our conference. An A+ in every respect!

Don Mader, Executive Director, American Council of Engineering Companies Ohio

Very good program in understanding your brain and how it helps in motivating others, managing, and helping teams be more successful.

Monica Mosure, MS Consultants, Inc.

You will learn how to improve decision-making and how to control yourself in difficult situations.

Brent Stavig, Rush City High School

Shelley cited scientific sources on emotional intelligence, made the data relevant to our everyday lives, and then gave us simple interactive exercises in class to help us recognize how our own behaviors might be affecting the quality of our interactions with co-workers.  Simple exercises, powerful insights.

Jane Lappin

She’s a phenomenal speaker. Truly brilliant.

Amada Witt

Shelley has a focused, practical message that will resonate with leaders at all levels in technical organizations.

Linda Ghere

Outstanding speaker who can help you understand how to make decisions, create behaviors that will serve you and staff best as well as family. How to think, feel and act!

Judy Baker, MDOT

Absolutely amazing! All leaders should know this information as part of training before stepping into a leadership role.

Tuere Faaola

Infotuition® is the cure for analysis paralysis. Shelley’s presentation will help you break out of being stuck. I feel like I can bring all of myself to work.

Julie Fernandez, Metropolitan Transit Authority

Shelley offers up critical research and skills that leaders absolutely need and should consider. A leader’s success depends on mastering Infotuition®.

Jason Leahy, Illinois Principals Association

Shelley’s programs are transformative, both personally and professionally.

Virginia Epperly

These are skills that can be applied universally. Too often smart people make not-so-smart decisions because they have not been educated on this topic (Infotuition®). This information is essential to success in all relationships!

Jennifer Cannon, Arizona DOT

Shelley Row is one of the best speakers I have ever worked with. She took time in advance of the conference to understand our program and education needs of our attendees and then tailored a session that met and exceeded our expectations. She holds the attention of the audience through great examples and exciting visuals. Shelley is able to connect with the audience and tell a story that is very relevant to individuals on both personal and professional levels. I would recommend her as a speaker and hope to work with her again soon.

Tiffany Ann Jackson, CAE, Director of Chapter Development, WTS International

Shelley grabbed the group’s attention from the start and kept us engaged and entertained throughout her program.  The survey reviews from her presentation included ‘great energy and great job getting everyone involved’, ‘amazing’ and ‘wove in brain science and helped us drill down into recognizing our triggers and core values to help us modify our behavior’. She was the star presenter in a lineup of 15 speakers and truly delivered relevant information and actionable takeaways to our 200+ attendees.

Mary Gallagher, CMP, PCMA Capital Chapter 2015 President

Shelley was the perfect fit for our group. Her message is useful and applicable for so many association executives regardless of their role. CEOs took away skills that help them talk to their boards about organizational decisions and other executives learned approaches that help them approach decisions that affect their departments and work culture with more confidence.

Aaron Hernandez, Texas Society of Association Executives

The general session speakers were all excellent, but I felt the best speaker of the conference was Shelley Row. I attended both of her presentations on Infotuition® and V2V Crash Avoidance. She is a phenomenal speaker and expert in her fields. Please put her on the agenda for Tampa 2016!!!

Paul Hewett, Corporate Operations Project Manager for Food Services of America

Shelley’s presentation on increasing decision-making skills really resonated with our small engineering firm owners. As a fellow engineer, she was immediately able to connect with the participants and engage them in discussion, while making them think how their decision-making process affects the firm as a whole and how to improve the process. She is a passionate speaker who really took the time to learn about our organization and in particular unique challenges of running a small firm. Shelley is a delight to work with and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a dynamic speaker.

Heather Talbert, CAE, Coalitions Director, American Council of Engineering Companies

It’s a presentation for everyone! The skills learned are applicable in your professional and personal life.  The insights will help you live a more thoughtful and fulfilling life. Her presentation was consistently listed as one of the best at our 2015 annual convention.

Aliyah Horton, Executive Director, Maryland Pharmacists Association

Shelley’s presentation was very well received at our general membership meeting, so we decided to bring her back as the featured speaker at the organization’s leadership class reunion program. The results speak for themselves. After less than ten graduates attended our last program featuring a nationally renowned speaker, Shelley attracted almost 60 of our firms’ ‘rising stars’ to this year’s program.

Jim Otradovec, Executive Director, American Council of Engineering Companies/Maryland

Shelley is a dynamic speaker who did a great job engaging the audience at our conference. Her interactive keynote address was a nice change of pace for our group and was a big part of what made this year’s event successful.

Brandon Campbell, Executive Secretary/Treasurer of Transportation Engineers Association of Missouri (TEAM)

Shelley captivates the audience from start to finish and helps the audience have lots of aha-moments, plus, you’ll wish every presentation was this good because she’s a phenomenal speaker! Learned so much and loved it.

Nicole Pace, Stokes Creative Group, Inc

Shelley made the program interactive and engaging. We experienced through the exercises the some of the science behind her theories. Shelley’s preparation and polish was impressive and her humor and warmth apparent. Excellent resource for men as well as women.

ASAE Executive Women’s Forum Participant

Shelley is articulate and entertaining. Her content is a well-balanced blend of scientific research and practical experience which provides tools for professionals to better understand their own behaviors and harness them for success. Since participating in her program, I’m more conscious about how I make decisions…it really works!

Alison Lima, PE, WTS-Boston Chapter President

Shelley came highly recommended from some of our members who had the pleasure of hearing Shelley present and speak previously. Boy, she not disappoint! Shelley was a pleasure to work with and took time beforehand to ensure her presentation was tailored to our membership’s needs and expectations. She was funny, articulate, engaging, used multiple real life stories and examples, used audience participation, and most importantly, provided information that was applicable and pertinent that our members could use and apply in their actual personal and professional lives.

George Cisneros, WTS Dallas

She completely understands how to be a leader and how to convey those qualities of a leader to others so they can learn. Very motivational!

Erin Culp, Jacobs Engineering

Shelley’s presentation will give you more control over your decision-making, saving you time and giving you more confidence.

Lori Chicoyne, Kennedy Jenks

Shelley was outstanding. She captivated the entire audience throughout the presentation. Her message was practical, straight forward and punctuated with her real life stories. Everyone had practical tips that they could put into action the very next day. Thank you Shelley.

Kirk Steudle, Director Michigan DOT, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Shelley is a master presenter. She engages the audience as if each person is the only one there.  Tremendous value across the board and this is valuable for any industry.

Cheri Hull, Assistant Director, Leadership and Employee Engagement, Arizona DOT

Not only does she deliver a dynamic message for leaders, but she has the intelligence and research to back it up. Her presentation is engaging and fun.

Katrina Akers, AASSP

The program was insightful and informative. Any person that struggles with professional and personal growth should hear this message. This presentation is useful in learning how to succeed, how to listen to your body and how to move on and make decisions guilt free.

Roben Armstrong, HDR Engineering

I have seen Shelley speak several times and each time I am more impressed. I always walk away with a wealth of information. She has helped me make changes which have helped me work towards my goals in my career.

Rebecca Williams, GPI

Thank you for the time and effort you put into the conference panel. It got rave reviews. Your connection to the audience was amazing.

Mike Heiligenstein, Executive Director, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

Very different, unlike any other speaker I’ve heard. Provides very intelligent, valuable information that you can take back and apply immediately. Very beneficial.

Cristina Ramirez, Arizona DOT

Thank you for leading a breakout session at TTI Day. Your session was well-attended, interesting and extremely well received. I have heard numerous positive comments about your leadership and the value of the session to our staff.  Your wealth of experience, not only in the engineering field, but as a professional development speaker and coach on how to make better, more insightful decisions was a big hit with our workforce.

Dennis Christiansen, P.E., Agency Director, Texas Transportation Institute

Shelley joined the 15th Anniversary of the Intelligent Transportation Society of Canada as one of our keynote speakers on change. Taking from her own personal life experiences, all of which the audience could readily relate to, she poignantly planted very real structural seeds in our diverse group of politicians, engineers and managers. We have never had so many delegates stay for the last day of our conference!

Carl Kuhnke, Executive Director, Intelligent Transportation Society of Canada

Shelley Row spoke at our annual conference earlier this year. She was fantastic! Her presentation on achieving goals captivated the audience! Everyone was immersed in her story and presentation. The thoughtful and practical information she provided entertained us all and gave us an evening to remember with life lessons and ideas to take home. Shelley set a new standard for presentations at ITS Georgia.

Marion G. Waters, III, P.E., PTOE, President ITS Georgia Chapter 2010-2011

I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work prior to and at our conference last week. You were even more of a hit than I had hoped! My expectations were met and exceeded. Your presentation was the perfect mix of a serious business-based message, along with a very witty and engaging delivery. You have a unique ability as a keynote speaker to both entertain and educate.

Rolando Garcia, COO & VP Operations – Signal Group

Shelley offers positive, practical, proactive tools for increasing our effectiveness as people and leaders. She is polished and professional.

Richard Dial

Shelley makes her message relatable to everyone and provides concrete ways to implement change in your career and in your life.

Amanda Johnson

This is a great course and a must for every leader.

Paul Patane, Arizona DOT

She was amazing! Very heartfelt and genuine. Very inspirational and re-energizing. Makes you re-evaluate your decisions.

Jessica Peruti, Participant

As one who has regularly attended motivation seminars, I can safely say that Shelley’s program provides a ‘soft’ and a ‘hard’ skillset for any leader to make smarter and more insightful decisions. It explained in fun and informative ways the complexities of brain science and knee-jerk decisions.

Pat Padlo, Organizer for WTS Connecticut Conference

Shelley is a dynamic and compelling speaker with practical leadership lessons that I can start to employ tonight.

Theresa Carr, Participant

Shelley Row’s talk on ‘The Yellow Brick Road to Success’ was one of the best attended and most intriguing professional development events we have hosted for the WTS San Francisco Bay Area chapter. Participants left with concrete ideas on how the lessons they learned can be applied in their work and home lives.

Meghan Mitman, AICP, Fehr and Peers

You are a generous and inspiring speaker. This was definitely one of the best seminars ever attended.

Mary Kissi, Senior Program Associate, Transportation Research Board

Shelley has a fantastic, interactive coaching style that truly engages and inspires her audiences.

Melissa Thomson, Participant

First and foremost, take Shelley’s training on Infotuition®. You will be amazed at how much you will learn about yourself.

Becky Crowe, FHWA

Thank you for adding such great quality, presence, and enthusiasm to the WTS Leadership Program! You truly made a difference in the program this year and I am so appreciative!

Marcia Ferranto, President & CEO WTS International

Absolutely amazing!!! I have attended our Equal Opportunity events for the last two years and this is by far the most informative and attention grasp[ing] presentation. Ms Row’s presentation was spot on. Professional, entertaining and effective.

Lt Colonel Jennifer Leigh Blair

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation overall. Among the best aspects of the program were the explanations of how neuroscience plays into our emotional reactions, and the breakdown of four core skills, along with techniques and strategies and using the presenter’s dynamic and personal storytelling style were very effective in helping participants understand how to improve our own decision-making processes.

ASAE Executive Women’s Forum

The feedback was have received from our membership has been overwhelmingly positive.

Cynthia Hernandez-Whitehead, President, WTS-San Antonio Region

Shelley is a great and relatable presenter. I would recommend her to other organizations and individuals that are looking for professional development.

Nicole Johnson, Envision Consultants

Very helpful information and techniques to help in both home and business decisions.

Kelly Cunningham, Amtrak

Shelley was an extremely engaging speaker and I really enjoyed her presentation! She gave a great combo of science-based info and real world examples.

Liz Smith, SEPTA

Mrs. Shelley is simply amazing and everyone needs this presentation. It will work wonders in your life. She makes you step outside of yourself and think about your life and choices.

Miesha Bryant, Kids for the Future

Shelley is well-researched and a great communicator; the best of the right and left brain.

Kristen Joyner, South West Transit Association

Very interactive, upbeat, informative while still teaching a very valuable lesson.

Nancy Kain, Fort Smith Transit

To lead, you need to recognize triggers in yourself and your employees. Find out how—hear this presentation.

Janie Sexton, Honoke Exceptional Development Center

Everyone needs to get this information. If we could learn this our decision-making and relationships would be much more effective.

Brian Beavers, Focus Inc.

Probably the best speaker I have heard at an ATA conference. Applies to everyone and we can all apply what we learned to our everyday life.

Dina Newman, AAAWA

Shelley is a very engaging presenter who clearly knows her stuff. Her tips and tools are applicable to all levels of work and all aspects of life.

Kara Macek, GHSA

It was interactive and engaging. The skills will differentiate you as a leader in your academic and professional career.

Kristie Chin, UT Austin

Inspirational—makes you want to face the fear that keeps you from attaining a goal.

Misty Vasquez

Some of Shelley's Clients Include:

Top Organizations Rely on Shelley's Expertise

  • American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Great Ideas Conference
  • Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)
  • American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC)
  • Georgia Association of Educational Leaders
  • Texas Society of Association Executives
  • Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals
  • American Pharmacists Association
  • Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute
  • National Parking Association
  • International Foodservice Distributors Association
  • National Association of Elementary School Principals & National Association of Secondary School Principals
  • Electronic Security Association
  • Texas Society of Professional Engineers
  • Association of Junior Leagues International
  • WTS International Leadership Programs and Annual Conference
  • Maryland Association of Pharmacists
  • Arizona Department of Transportation
  • Virginia Association of Elementary School Principals
  • Council for Leadership in Alabama Schools
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers
  • American Planning Association, Alaska Chapter
  • Society for Technical Communication
  • WTS Chapters in Dallas, Rhode Island, Connecticut, San Antonio, San Francisco, Northern Utah, Central Region, Central Virginia, Hampton Roads, Boston, Houston, San Diego, Philadelphia, NE Florida
  • Arizona Transit Association
  • Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals
  • Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, Fort Myer, VA
  • AASHTO Subcommittee on Transportation Communications
  • Intelligent Transportation Society of Canada
  • ACEC Ohio and Maryland
  • Women of AT&T
  • Michigan Transportation Engineers Conference
  • International Bridge Tunnel and Turnpike Association
  • Smithville Independent School District
  • ITS Georgia Chapter
  • Missouri Transportation Engineers Annual Meeting Conference
  • Iowa Department of Transportation
  • Peek Signal Group
  • City of Charlotte
  • Women in the Boardroom
  • Texas Transportation Institute
  • Annapolis Maritime Museum
  • Michigan Department of Transportation
  • Defense Logistics Agency
  • Women in Technology International
  • Department of the Treasury, Financial Management Services, Washington, D.C.
  • American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
  • Transportation Research Board
  • Kittelson and Associates
  • Iteris, Inc.
  • University of Texas
  • Army National Guard, Arlington, VA
  • National Renewable Energy Lab
  • Skadden Arps
  • Marshall Chamber of Commerce
  • National Landscape Association Executives
  • National Retail Federation
  • DOTs for Arizona, Michigan, Iowa, Idaho, Virginia and Maryland


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