The Voice for Insightful Leadership with Shelley Row, P.E.

Motivate & ManageIs there someone in your office who needs a little motivation? Are you part of a team who you’d like to motivate to higher performance? Do you need motivation? Or are you simply looking to continue your professional development growth?

No matter what your motivation, I invite you to join me for part 1 of a webinar, Motivate & Manage: Brain Friendly Techniques to Enhance Performance. Here’s what makes this webinar different.

The webinar shows you how to use five brain “toggles” that can activate the threat or reward response. Wouldn’t you rather be motivated by reward? We’ll talk about and work on ways to intentionally activate the reward response – whether you wish to motivate someone else or yourself. In part 1, we’ll look at the role of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation and the brain science behind it. Then we’ll work with two of the five toggles that are particularly critical. In part 2, we’ll discuss the other three toggles.

I’m sure you’ve participated in webinars before but this one is different. First, the program is based on research in neuroscience so that you understand how to use the brain’s natural functioning to enhance motivation.

Second, it is as much like an in-person session as possible. These days, webinar platforms of 2021
have so many wonderful interactive features that you’ll get the full benefit of. You’ll have a worksheet and will put down your own thoughts about how to apply these principles in your real-world setting. You will leave with practical ways to use this work immediately.

Part 1 is on August 22nd at 4pm Eastern. Register now. Since this is the first webinar in my new series, part 1 is free. All you need to do is register and log in on August 22nd. I look forward to having you participate with us.